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About this Course

Core Days 2 and 3 and Electives now available on the e-Learning Center

The online modules available on the eLearning center are available for a small fee for all those who are working towards the Geriatric Scholar 40 hour certificate.

The modules include:
1) Core Day 3, "Special Considerations in Care for Older Adults;”
2) Core Day 2 (Coming Soon), “Providing Interdisciplinary Geriatric Care;” and
3) Elective Day topics.

A combination of any 7 offerings must be taken in order to be awarded one full day toward the Geriatric Scholar certificate, for either one Core Day (2 or 3) or one Elective Day.

All offer a video podcast and a pdf of slides. Nursing contact hours are available for these resources. New offerings will be available during the 2012-2013 year.

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Core Days 2 and 3:
All offerings per day must be taken in order to be awarded the Core Day certificates by the CNYGEC. All offer a video podcast and pdf of content slides. Nursing contact hours are available for these resources.

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You must register with the e-Learning center to access these courses. This is one time registration; you will then be able to use your newly created username and password to access the materials at anytime!

Before starting each module, there will be a required pre-test. At the end of the module, there will be a required post-test. Completion of both brief tests is required to obtain the certificate of completion for each module.

Continuing education units in nursing are available for all modules, provided by NYU College of Nursing Center for Continuing Education in Nursing, which is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses’ Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

CME hours are not available for online learning

Core Day 2 Podcasts:

Providing Interdisciplinary Geriatric Care
Coming in the Spring!


Core Day 3 Podcasts:

Special Consideration in Care of Older Adults

Risk Factors for Poor Outcomes in Older Adults: Iatrogenesis, Frailty, Geriatric Syndromes, and Atypical Presentation of Illness - 1 hour
This offering reviews the context of care for older adults, iatrogenesis, frailty, geriatric syndromes, atypical presentation of illness, and older adults with cognitive changes as an “at risk” population.

Medication Management in the Older Adult- An Overview - 1 hour
This offering reviews the specific medication needs of the older adult patient, variables involved when choosing medication for the older adult, causes and prevention of polypharmacy, Joint Commission recommendations and the medication reconciliation process, and the Beers criteria and its application to the medication regime of the older adult.

Internet Geriatric Resources - 1 hour
This offering reviews the online resources related to care of older adults including government sites and digital repositories.

Chronic Disease in the Older Adult - 1 hour
This course offering discusses characteristics of susceptibility to chronic disease in older adults.

Some Preventive Measures for the Elderly - 1 hour
This course discusses the general rules for prevention in the care of older adults, including screening and medical reconciliation.

Compliance vs. Adherence: Consequences for Older Adults - 1 hour
This course discusses the components of care planning in the care of older adults and the ability to differentiate between compliance and adherence.

Palliative Care and Ethical Issues in Treatment Decision Making - 1 hour
This course discusses palliative care in older adults, symptom management, advance directives and decision making.

Elective Courses

Elder Mistreatment Course - 2.5 Hours
Health professionals and allied health workers need to know and recognize the clinical indicators of elder mistreatment (EM) and need to know what actions to take if they suspect EM. However, many healthcare professionals are not aware that EM even exists, and few are actually trained to screen and assess for EM. Understanding cultural competency is essential to any EM training.

Managing Emergencies - 1 Hour
This course discusses what constitutes emergencies for older adults, how to identify who manages emergencies and how to describe the strategic management process for managing emergencies for older adults

Nursing Home Modules - 1.5 Hours
These three .5-hour online learning modules are designed to help faculty select and use nursing homes for undergraduate student clinical placement, with a special focus on nursing homes involved in resident-directed care and culture change.

Forgotten Care- Dental Management of Older Adult - 1 hour
This course discusses common signs and causes of dental disease, the oral side effects of health conditions and medications, and how to aid dependent adults with oral hygiene.

Geriatric Assessment- Try This - 1 Hour
This course demonstrates the interdisciplinary approach to the evaluation of older adults’ physical and psychosocial impairments and functional disabilities using standardized evidence based geriatric assessment tools

Oral and Systemic Health for Older Adults - 1 Hour
This course discusses new models of oral-systemic health care and strategies for improving oral-systemic outcomes for all patients.

Modules on Dementia Care – Coming in the Spring!



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