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The latest issue of "The Rural Connection" is the second in a series of four issues that focus on the VA's top health priorities and ways they relate to increasing access to care for older rural Veterans. Read the issue here.

Playgrounds for An Aging Population
Outdoor exercise is good for older adults both physically and mentally.  Read the article here.

The latest GRECC e-Newsletter, February 2017, issue, highlighting activities, locally and nationally.

2016 Learn and Lunch Webinar Series
Eating Right: A Key to Healthy Aging

If you missed any of the 2016  Learn and Lunch webinars, we have them here.

  • March 16 - A Conversation about Food, Dja-Maa Shepp, MS, RD (powerpoint presentation)  

  • April 20 - Nutrition Strategies to Promote Health Eating for the Older Adult, Dja-Maa Sheep, MS, RD (powerpoint presentation)

  • May 18 - A Plant-Based Approach to a Healthy Lifestyle, Part 1, Andrea John, BS, NSCA-CPT (recorded presentation)

  • June 22 - A Plant-Based Approach to a Healthy Lifestyle, Part 2, Andrea John, BS, NSCA-CPT (recorded presentation)








Upcoming Trainings

Geriatric Scholars Community Discussion Forum
Join the Geriatric Scholars Community on Tuesday, March 28 from 1:00pm to 2:00pm EST 
in a live facilitated text-based discussion on Frailty in Older Adults.  

Try This: Assessing Etiology of Orthostatic Hypotension in Older Adults
Orthostatic hypotension is common in older adults and may lead to falls, diminished function and decreased quality of life. Assessing for the etiology of orthostatic hypotension may help identify reversible causes and expedite possible treatment.

An Empathy Video That Asks You To Stand in Someone Else's Shoes
If you could stand in someone else's shoes... Hear what they hear.  See what they see.  Feel what they feel.  Would you treat them differently?

Panel discussion video by tribal care providers
This video is of the panel discussion by tribal care providers who have used the REACH into Indian Country program. The program is an award winning, evidence-based program to support caregivers of patients with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Alzheimer's Foundation of America
Educational opportunities include:
Care Connection Webinars, free monthly teleconference on a variety of dementia related topics. Upcoming - March 23, 2017-  
Special Edition - Legal-Health Advocacy:  Meeting the Challenges of Chronic Care Through a Hollistic, Collaborative Approach
Information and Registration
* On site trainings for organizations - visit
* Virtual Dementia Tour for groups - visit
* 6 hour DVD training through Dementia Care professionals of America (DCPA) division



Featured Programs

Geriatric Scholars Community
Geriatric Scholars Community is a virtual learning community for primary care providers and staff. It facilitates interactive, interdisciplinary learning and fosters an environment that allows health care staff to join a community of practice. Flexible course materials include archived webinars, videos, discussion forums, and comprehensive toolkits for download.

Log onto and create a free user profile, then you may join any course at no cost.   More courses to follow. 

CMEs are available for the following course modules:

End of Life
Interdisciplinary Teamwork
Rural Health
Sexual Health
Chronic Disease


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